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Flexible, External Wall Coatings by Smarter Coatings Ltd.

As a potential customer it’s always nice to see an impressive website, fancy office and brand new equipment, but we all know this is no guarantee that commitments will be met or the work will be done properly.

Smarter Coatings Portsmouth

Our customers often seek assurance in the form of a membership to a trusted association or affiliation with a particular authority; In short, apparent signs of quality in the form of badges or awards. We have found that companies in the exterior wall coating business come and go, but we have continued to grow and have the experience to deliver what we promise.

We originally started out as a father and son team in 1978, but back then we only carried out external painting and property maintenance. Some years later, we began offering Wehtertex external wall, roof and stone coating systems to our customers as an alternative to masonry paint. Eventually demand was such for the Wethertex  protection system that we decided to exclusively become an exterior wall and roof coating company.

Smarter Coatings Hampshire

Since that time we have grown steadily and now employ between 3-5 crews (depending on the season). We mainly cater to the south of England but we can cover anywhere in the UK – that’s what we call a truly flexible wall coating service! We have various other admin and accountancy staff, and we are also one of the few companies who employ a dedicated quality control team. Their job it is to constantly monitor project progress and ensure we collect customer feedback so we can always strive to get even better at what we do.

We have now survived two recessions, with the 2008-09 season being even busier than the previous year! The ever-growing trend for improving rather than moving shows that people want to take pride in the upkeep of their homes and know we are perfectly suited to this task.

Due to the way our business is structured we are always debt free, which not only reduces any risk but also keeps costs down for our customers. In fact, everything we do is focused on providing you with great value for money and keeping up our excellent reputation.

Areas covered include Dorset, London, Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey, Bucks, Berkshire, Oxford, Wiltshire and beyond.

To learn more, give us a call at 0800 0834708 or contact us using the form found on our main page.