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Damp Problem

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Oh its DAMP !

Upon discovery of damp, reactions can range from mild annoyance to blind panic. But when approached logically it is not that big of a deal. We use the latest infra red technology in order to eliminate the guesswork and  potentially the cost of carrying out works that is not really needed.

So when the walls dry out that is when our customers really feel the benefits, both in terms of comfort and cost saving on heating bills, which will obviously help to offset the initial investment.





Rising damp

Simply put this occurs where the building meets the ground. So at any given time this area will contain more moisture than the rest of the wall (under normal circumstances). Conventional wisdom dictates that a barrier or damp proofing course (dpc) is installed at least 150mm above the ground and runs horizontally around the perimeter of the building thus preventing the rise of moisture. This could consist of slate, roofing felt a chemically injected system or even an electrical device (reverse osmosis) that when connected and powered up basically repells water.

If you think you have a rising damp issue you can find out more here.



The air around us contains moisture at any given temperature and when the air temperature increases so does the amount of moisture the air can hold. And when the temperature drops the air dumps this excessive moisture on hard surfaces like ceramic glass and metal, so hey presto condensation. This has become more of an issue due to better fitting door and windows which stifle the circulation of air. So if you are experiencing condensation problems this can be curtailed usually by alternating between heating and ventilation in the room(s) affected. In extreme cases a dehumidifier may be required.


Penetrating damp

This can sometimes initially appear quite confusing but penetrating damp is caused when the exterior wall is worn out and becomes sodden. There COULD be a number of remedial measures that MAY help,

replacement of:-

  • wall ties
  • cavity trays
  • any roof flashing
  • repointing
  • mastic around windows
  • even replacing sealed units

These jobs when carried out peace meal can be costly and time consuming with the completion of each single job not really guaranteeing to solve the problem. A potentially frustrating, demoralising and costly situation.

Other solutions could be cloaking with tiles, although this will affect the breathability and so this  will take longer to solve the problem. Cement render could also help short term but of course cement render is porous and so the issue could return with a vengeance at a later date.

penetrating damp

On a more pressing issue when damp buildings and walls  are heated this is effectively burning money unnecessarily !

burning money

So Why ANDURA products and our process?

Our system could deal with all the damage that may have occurred and provides a pleasing finish whilst guarding against damp and its return. Of course all of our work is guaranteed so no more issues. So if you have a damp problem and just want and end to the matter why not give us a call? and relax…

BEFORE:-                                                                                            AFTER:-

image                            image

Areas covered include London, Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey, Bucks, Berkshire, Dorset, Oxford, Wiltshire and beyond.