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How It Works

It would be fair to say that as an external wall and roof coating company we are construction specialists. So we wouldn`t want anybody to think even for a minute that we were just “jobbing builders”. We pride ourselves with every aspect of our work especially when it comes to the customer. So this is how we do it:-

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We don`t waste time by “hawking” potential customers, either on the phone or at their door. Our customers always approach us initially and usually come from one of a few sources

  • Referrals
  • Repeat business
  • The website
  • A leaflet
  • A trade stand
Wall Coatings

When we get the enquiry

An enquiry usually comes in as a call, an email or even office visit. We simply arrange a convenient time to visit the property carry out a surface inspection and work out the price.

Wall Coatings

The surface inspection

It`s not our business to camp out in a customers house and scare them into getting their houses coated, or neither do we stick a couple of zero`s on the price and mess around for half an hour until we arrive at the true cost for the work. We discuss their needs, design aspects, the work involved and if the customer wants the job doing we book it in.

Wall Coating Inspection

Summary of visit

Within 5 working days of the office receiving the paperwork the customer receives a letter summarising the agreements made and a start date.

Wall Coating Inspection

When the job starts

Given the choice we prefer to meet the customer when we arrive on site to discuss their project and find out if they have any particular requirements. (power and water are usually required). They crew then doesn`t disappear until the job is finished.

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When the wall, roof or stone coating is finished

When the crew has finished but still on site the Foreman will inspect the property with the customer. This ensures everybody is happy with the job BEFORE we leave site and the balance is settled.

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The thing about our ANDURA textured wall coating system is that when the job is done properly no aftercare is needed. However if a customer requires anything we are only a phone call away and because we only use our own staff if we do ever need to pop back this is never a problem.